Axon Aid

We are so pleased to announce the launch of the Axon Aid Family First initiative. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so Axon Aid (the philanthropic leg of Axon) and its trusted partners are kicking off a new website, video series, and webinar to give public safety families resources to start conversations about mental health.

Axon and Dr. Sahni collaborated on “Always On”, a video training that shows the ways family dynamics can evolve when you empower yourself with tools to maintain your mental heath and wellbeing:

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Upcoming Events

Building a Strong Support System for Mental ResilienceJoin our panel of experts from the 100 Club AZ, Blue HELP, and the National Police Wives Association for a robust discussion on how to build mental resilience and maintain mental health. We will be exploring how creating strong support systems can empower all involved to navigate the trials and challenges of having a career – or supporting a loved one – in law enforcement.
11:00 am PSTOnline